Hammer GmbH is certified by the FSC®

Hammer GmbH is setting an example in the protection of the ecosystem.

Hammer GmbH was awarded with the environmental label from the Forest Stewardship Council in September 2010® (FSC®) with the Licence No. FSC® C101903. As an independent certifier, the GFA Certification GmbH ensures that the prescribed standards for responsible forestry management are adhered to.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an organisation with a global presence in the promotion of responsible forest management. The organisation was founded in 1993, one year after the Global Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. It is the FSC’s goal to implement those goals approved in Rio for „responsible development“ in the field of forest management. National working groups from 43 countries belong to the FSC®, which has its seat in Oaxaca, Mexico . It is supported by numerous environmental organisations.

The goal of the FSC® Standards is to ensure a complete traceability of the complete chain of production, from forestry management to the processing and/or marketing stage through the FSC® certification scheme and the labelling of FSC® products with an unambiguous logo. Only those businesses certified by the FSC® are allowed to label their goods with the logo and bring them into circulation.

Certification with the FSC® requires adherence to binding social, economic and ecological principles for the responsible management of our forests. This includes, among others, compliance with international commitments for the conservation of forests, the respect of rights of use, worker rights and the rights of indigenous peoples, as well as a resource-friendly and efficient use of forest products.

With its FSC® environmental label, HAMMER GmbH highlights its interest for environmentally-friendly products as well as for the responsible protection of the ecosystem.

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