The punching shop is the heart of further processing. High-quality punching tools form the designated packaging solutions into their required shapes and guarantee an optimal base for further stages of production.

We produce folding boxes which are made to measure – from the first to the last, each box is monitored by a certified quality management system and permanent in-process controls which guarantee the standard of production. When your packaging goes into production, you know that you can rely on our experts.

Our portfolio of finishing work comprises embossed filigree, individual structure embossing, braille, windows, hot-foil embossing relief or surfaces as well as sectional engraving.


We give you a sneak peek. In the finishing process with PE foil, PET foil or brightly-coloured foil, we offer a view of your product and thus create an additional highlight in the packaging concept.

At the same time, the windows protect the product in its packaging – with a special foil working as a barrier even against movement resulting from internal pressure.


The best choice: as a matter of course, all folding boxes at Hammer undergo continuous identity and quality checks and defective copies are automatically removed.

In the final production stage, we build the cut pieces into their final shape. From side clips to the most complicated of special constructions, we glue your folding boxes together precisely and optimally for a smooth machine run.


Fully automated packaging, palletisation and stretching guarantee consistently flawless and unmixed deliveries.

With individual specifications for pallet stacking, computer-controlled stretching and labelling of the goods, our finished cargo satisfies the requirements of even the most modern of high bay warehouses.

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