Development Phase

From the very beginning, a great number of influences which play a part in the development of a display demand to be considered. This is why we help to plan your project in close collaboration with you, and are by your side at all times to offer advice.

We are able to realise your display even in the planning stage – virtually. In this way, it is possible to get an immediate, realistic impression of the finished product, as well as to specify wishes and requirements.

Our designers develop tailor-made, highly-producible display solutions to your exact specifications. The final artwork for each individual component for your display is created with the help of CAD software.

Prototype Creation
We provide you with an identical white sample before beginning serial production. In this way, you again have the opportunity to make sure of the dimensions or the carrying capacity of your products. For optimal presentation, we also provide colour samples in small batches upon request.


Order Phase

As soon as you have received the templates for your display, you can begin to apply the agreed colours. Our graphic designers check these once again in regards to correctness and quality. Once you have given us the all-clear to print, the offset printing of your product can begin.

We use a high-tech STOCK lamination unit which glues the previously-made printed sheets to base sheets made from corrugated cardboard. After a defined drying phase, the compound is then ready for further processing.

The various display parts are corrugated and punched by cutting tools on high-performance automatic punching presses. Break-out tools are often used in this process, which separate the panels from the waste products while they are still in the machine. For smaller runs requiring highly-precise perforations with minimum deviations, we work with platen presses.

Breaking Out
Breaking out separates the punch waste from the panels, in order to make the individual parts useful for the production of the display. The panels are subsequently ready for further processing.

Complex displays often consist of various individual components. These have to be stuck together very precisely in order to withstand their use at the POS. Work by hand is often necessary at our effective hot-melt workstations.

From a Single Source
From the setting-up of your display to the elaborate packaging of your products– everything from one source.

Of course, your finished displays are only able to serve a purpose when they are delivered on time, perfectly secured for transportation, and cost-effectively. To this end, we offer optimal solutions with the help of our cooperation partner – just in time.

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