10. July 2009

Customer information from EuPIA [the European Printing Ink Association]

Regulation (EG) No. 1935/20041 dictates that consumer goods which are designated finished goods and which come into contact with foodstuffs or which come into use with foodstuffs as part of their intended use.
22. July 2009

Revised Version of § 60 Par. 3 No. 1 d) LFGB [German Food and Feed Code] for the trialling of fines in the insufficient provision of information to the public regarding foodstuff recalls

Several paragraphs of the German Food and Feed Code have been changed. The revised version § 60 Par. 3 No. 1 d) LFGB should be taken note of.
22. July 2009

Overview of the current European regulations regarding food stuff commodities laws

You will receive a comprehensive overview of the current (as of June 2009) European and national regulations regarding foodstuff commodity laws which are effective in Europe as an additional attachment (no liability assumed).
22. July 2009

The use of UV inks and finishes on primary food packaging (made from cardboard)

In its most current document ("1_ECMA Position UV inks 07 04 2009 FV"), our European umbrella association ECMA reiterates its recommendations of foregoing use of UV inks and varnishes for primary food packaging (made from cardboard), or switching to the use of alternative materials – even when these are more cost-intensive – which have been evaluated by an independent third party.
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