Revised Version of § 60 Par. 3 No. 1 d) LFGB [German Food and Feed Code] for the trialling of fines in the insufficient provision of information to the public regarding foodstuff recalls

Several paragraphs of the German Food and Feed Code have been changed. The revised version § 60 Par. 3 No. 1 d) LFGB should be taken note of.

In accordance with this, the customer of the folding box manufacturer, the food manufacturer, is also entitled to financial compensation when the issue concerns the recall of products which could already have reached the consumer, where the company has failed to inform the consumer effectively and precisely regarding the reasons for the recall. This should make the implementation of Art. 19 Par. 1 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 (for food distributors) easier, whereby quiet recalls of products which are unsafe and which could already have reached the customers, are no longer possible. In the case that the packaging manufacturer is responsible for a recall of a food product, the corresponding contractual issue of liability could result in the food manufacturer resorting to fining the packaging supplier.

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