This tea packaging impressed the jury with its all-round successful concept mastering the balance between product safety, sustainability and sensor technology.

The result is a harmonious combination of two folding cartons (made of grass-fibre cardboard) that interlock when the inner carton is pulled out and have an additional tamper-evident closure by means of an internal perforation. A viewing window allows the user to preview the contents through a garden compostable film (89% of which is made from renewable raw materials). The filter material for the tea consists of hand-sewn cotton bags.

The jury found the overall concept of this solution very convincing with its clearly achievable brand message at the POS. The luxurious feel of the carton and the fact that this hemp tea is packaged in a material partly made of grass rounded off the decision to make the award. The fine embossing, extending over two sides of the packaging and over the creased edge, also contributes to this feel. A sustainable difference that you can literally feel.


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